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CAERUS Financial Limited and Deposit Sense Partner in Effective Cash Management deal

CAERUS Financial Limited (CFL) has selected Deposit Sense as its Effective Cash Management partner of choice, in a new deal for its Financial Advisers. Deposit Sense will provide the Effective Cash Management system to members of CFL, the advisory arm of the CAERUS Group.

CFL has recognised the importance of Effective Cash Management to de-risk wealth management portfolios, to provide greater control of Client’s overall wealth and to develop greater reward for Clients and Advisers.

Keith Carby, CEO, CAERUS Capital Group, commented ‘Financial Advisers now need to be far more capable regarding all aspects of liquidity. Cash Management is one of several ways in which Advisers can assist consumers in this regard. CAERUS is delighted to be working with Deposit Sense in a venture that will be of benefit to all concerned, most importantly, the Clients.’

The deal, which has significantly reduced the cost of Deposit Sense’s membership to CFL Advisers, is offered on a subscription basis, and allows Firms and Advisers to white-label their own cash management proposition.

Deposit Sense Managing Director, Paul Alkins, says ‘I am delighted with the deal we have made with CAERUS Financial Limited. It is a great opportunity for us. We will continue to spread our message regarding the significant impact managing Clients’ cash deposits can have on the relationship between Financial Advisers and their Clients. It is also a great opportunity for CAERUS Financial Limited Advisers to differentiate themselves from the competition, to develop better Client relationships and enhance the value of their respective businesses.’

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