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Maximising the Value of Your Clients' Cash
is an important part of the financial planning process

Obtain the best rates of interest and the highest level of FSCS protection
with deposit accounts available from the whole of the UK market

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Using the Platform

Become one of the elite few that help their clients to understand the value they can achieve from their cash and how to make sure it is fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
Cash is every client's most important asset. Make sure they manage it effectively.
Identify the value your client could obtain from their cash
Create a bespoke portfolio of cash deposits for your client in 30 seconds
Automatically produce a personalised report report for each client portfolio
Ensure your clients obtain maximum FSCS protection on their deposits
Automaticlly issue application forms to your clients
Produce maturing account notifications for client's maturing accounts
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Cash Management Explained

Cash Management

A client’s cash is their most significant financial asset and the best value a client can achieve is a really important detail for the financial planning process. A client therefore deserves to know the best value they can achieve from the only risk-free solution 1.

The bottom line is:

A client does not have to expose any of their money to risk if they can meet all of their financial planning objectives by maximising the value of their cash.

The reality is:

Most people can’t meet all of their financial planning objectives with their cash but they cannot be convinced of this until they have been shown exactly the best value they can get and the impact that this has on their overall financial planning objecives.

Never the less, showing a client how to maximise the value of their cash will inspire trust and confidence, will provide strogner levels of regualtory protection, will attract new clients and it will develop better relationships with accountants and solicitors.

Maximising the value of cash is a great way to attract referrals in a risk-free way, which can be more reassuring for many accountants and solicitors.

The outcome is:

Irrespective of how much a client retains in cash, the overall value of the financial plan will be enhanced by maximising the value of any cash that a client retains on deposit.

1 A risk free solution is based upon building a portfolio of accounts that leave every penny FSCS protected.

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