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We provide an Effective Cash Management system to enable people, businesses, trusts, charities, power of attorneys (& court deputies), pensions, clubs and associations maximise the value they recieve from ALL CASH DEPOSITS.

We not only provide a system, we also show you how to structure your deposits to GET THE MOST out of them.

Everyone should maximise the value of their deposits because the returns are GUARANTEED and without any RISK to capital so long as your deposit levels remain within the limits defined by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

The WORST place to leave any money is in s 'dormant' instant access account. But this is exactly where the banks and building societies want you to leave it because it maximises the profits they make.

The art of Effective Cash Management can be accessed via:

  • Financial Advisers
  • The Elite Financial Adviser will help you to manage your savings. They will recognise that until their clients understand the maximum value of their savings they will not need to undertake any higher risk financial planning solutions. Of course cash cannot necessarily deliver against all financial planning requirements, but everyone should understand the maximum value of their cash so they can appreciate the real financial planning holes they need to close. If you are reading this and you realise your financial adviser does not help you to manage your cash, find one that will from our Financial Adviser Register.

  • Accountants
  • Accountants know where every penny of their clients cash is kept and they know exactly what returns they are achieving. With our system, they are also now in a position to know exactly what all of their clients 'could' be returning if they managed their money effectively. Is your accountant helping you to maximise the value of your deposits? If not, contact Deposit Sense to find one that will.

  • Solicitors
  • Solicitors 'hold' a lot of money for a variety of clients. The majority of the money is held in Client Accounts. Client Accounts offer Instant Access to money and are good accounts for holding money if 'instant access' is required. HOWEVER, for longer term money (Trusts, Personal Injury, Power of Attorney), the Client Account is very damaging towards the value of the money. Solicitors should therefore lookk to maximise the value for their clients. Please contact us if you are concerned about the value your solicitor is delivering on your money.

  • Direct through Deposit Sense
  • Please contact us direct if you wish to maximise the value of your deposits if you are; an individual, a power of attorney, a business owner, a trustee or a committee member for a charity, club or association.

Managing cash deposits effectively should be the first thing everyone does and it is now very simple and straightforward. It has previously been ignored by professional financial advisers, accountants and solicitors. Our system now changes this. More professionals than ever before are engaging with their clients and the effetive management of their cash. If yours is not helping you search through our register to find one that will.

All professionals should seek to treat customers fairly.

  • For Financial Advisers this should mean ensuring customers understand the value of their cash before undertaking any regualted financial advice.
  • For Accountants it should mean helping everyone to maximise the value of their Personal Savings Allowance
  • For Solicitors it should mean protecting the value of long term cash by moving it out of their Client Accounts and into accounts that meet the needs of owners or beneficiaries of the cash deposits.

There is plentiful legislation and regulation surrounding the provision of financial and legal advice. But it is still up to the client to make sure their professional advisers advisers deliver their best advice. However, the professional advisers listed on our website have already made the commitmentdemonstrating best advice and even the Trustee Act 2000 mean that it should no longer be ignored.

We strive to deliver the best information, on the best savings products available within the UK. But we ONLY provide information on savings accounts that are registered under licence with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme by companies with a strong trading presence within the UK.

Register with us to have full access to our system, our records and our information and we will make the effort to make your life easier, richer and more fulfilling by helping you to manage your customer’s deposits.

Savings accounts covered:

  • Personal Deposits
  • Cash ISAs
  • Corporate Deposits
  • Trust Deposits
  • Charity Deposits
  • Pension Deposits
  • Power of Attorney Deposits
  • Court of Protection Deposits

Deposit Sense Ltd is registered in England and Wales.

Registration number 7866175. Copyright © 2018

Registered office: Radway Green Business Centre,
Radway Green, Crewe, CW2 5PR.

Telephone: 01270 878702.