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Congratulations on going live on your system with SimplyBiz. Please let me know if anyone wants to talk to an existing user as I think the system is excellent

Andrew Pyrah – Precedo (SimplyBiz Member) | 24/07/14

Lol! I have a meeting booked in with the trade association I have been trying to get to see for next Wednesday. I am well chuffed!

LO London | 17/06/14

I just want to say what a happy bunny I am at the mo. My calculator is up thanks to Simon!!!. I feel like I have just been given the key to go out share the financial word and get people creating, preserving and prospering. Amen! Ok, well thank you for your time and I will send you the link to video, infographic and blog post later this week! Excited!!! lol!

LO London | 16/06/14

We have recently won a tender to provide financial planning services to a large membership body with over 2,000,000 members, in large part due to us being the only firm to offer an effective cash management proposition.

MB Devon | 01/05/14

I went to meet a potential client the day after seeing the presentation of your system. The client told me they only had £30,000 and wanted to know what I would recommend. I told them all about your system and the service we would offer to manage this money in cash. 30 minutes late, the £30,000 turned into £1.2 million. Thanks!

IP Derbyshire | 21/02/14

The world has changed and this is a no-brainer! Any financial adviser not now looking to manage their client’s cash really needs to examine the future of their business.

AM Staffordshire | 04/02/14

I am just writing to say how pleased we are with you system. Although we have only had the system for 3 months we have already generated fees in excess of our annual licence fee. We are also delighted to see the speed with which you are making improvements to the system.

JW Somerset | 27/11/13

This is great. I have approached 2 of my local professional connections and from my first case I had to place a £6,000 trustee deposit but also invested £130,000 from the same trust!

DL Merseyside | 20/10/13

..... can I just say that I think your system is excellent and should have a real impact on financial planning in the coming years.

David Ingram of Aim Two Three Ltd - Manchester | 30/09/13

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