Remuneration Policy

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All regulatory policies are required to make sure the advice provided by a Financial Adviser is suitable for their clients.

The Remuneration Policy falls into exactly the same category.

A Cash Management proposition clearly enhances the Remuneration Policy
as it demonstratesclear disclosure of value from financial assets
that do not pay large fees.

In relation to the Remuneration Policy, the Regulator is concerned about ensuring that sales are made for the benefit of the client rather than for the income that can be made for the Financial Adviser.

When income is generated through the sale of a regulated product, the Remuneration Policy must set out the level and frequency of the payment and the conditions around which income is due, which is why an Effective Cash Management Policy can enhance the implementation process of the Remuneration Policy.

Demonstrating the true value of cash proves lack of bias.

Implementing a cash management solution demonstrates a concern for all financial planning rather than just the areas that pay large fees.

Providing a client with this level of service creates greater trust and protects the quality of the advice.

Once again, it is clear how an Effective Cash Management Policy enhances the quality of other regulatory policy requirements.