Centralised Investment Proposition

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The Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP) defines the broad investment portfolio strategies available within the Firm and the client segments to which they relate. Any deviation from the CIP should be explained clearly and the client’s rationale fully documented.

A good CIP shows the clear advantages, benefits and risks associated with each portfolio strategy and how these options relate to being the right strategy for each client segment.

What every CIP currently lacks, is an Effective Cash management proposition to underpin each client segment.

Cautious clients should hold more money in cash and should have this money managed to their best advantage.

A moderate risk client might have less held in cash, but it should still be managed to their best advantage.

A high risk client might have even less held in cash, and again, it should still be managed to their best advantage.

A Centralised Investment Proposition
underpinned by an Effective Cash Management Proposition
is better than one that isn't.

Providing the client with a portfolio of cash deposits that reflects the segment within which they fall in relation to the CIP reinforces the suitability of the investment portfolio, because in reality the client has made their investment decision, and then supported this with the management of their cash, which provides DOUBLE CONFIRMATION of their investment decision.