Attitude to Wealth

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Whilst this is not a regulatory requirement, it is worth asking yourself about your client’s Attitude to Wealth?

What affects your client’s Attitude to Wealth?

  • Interest rates?
  • Age?
  • Employment status?
  • Lifestyle?
  • Family issues?
  • Inheritance?
  • Health? Etc.

It is a certain fact that, amongst many other things, a client’s Attitude to Wealth would be affected by the interest rate return they receive on their savings.

It therefore makes absolute sense to cover this off ‘before’ you present any risk-based regulated financial planning solutions to them.

In actual fact:

The best way to deal with interest earned on Cash for your
Client's Attitude to Wealth, is to show them the value they could obtain
by manageing their Cash effectively
alongside building a suitable investment portfolio

When you consider a client’s Attitude to Wealth, it is clear to see that it very much compliments the client’s Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss, and as you explain how to manage cash effectively their attitude to each of these requirements will also be influenced.

Because, clearly:

The value of Cash is inexorably linked
to ALL financial Planning processes

Whilst regulated financial planning has been going for so long without properly integrating cash management analysis into the process, it is clear to see that this is only to the detriment of:

  • The Client
  • The Financial Adviser
  • The Financial Planning Process