Attitude to Risk

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A client will INVEST MORE MONEY when they understand the value of their cash and how they should be managing their cash. Clients keep too much money in cash. By definition, their Attitude to Risk has already changed.

A Cash Management proposition clearly enhances any
Attitude to Risk policy as a client's Attitude to Risk will change
if they understand the value of their cash better."

Ascertaining a client's Attitude to Risk is a fundamental an integral part in determining the best financial planning solutions for them.

Discussing a Client’s Attitude to Risk based upon their understanding of the poor performance of cash is misleading.

A client’s decision to remain in cash should be based upon the value they can achieve from cash, not on the poor value they are getting from cash.

Strangely, though,
clients generally INVEST MORE
when they understand the value of their cash

The only way to discount the guaranteed security and returns available from Cash is to make sure the REAL VALUE is understood.

In the vast majority of situations, a client cannot meet their financial objectives by leaving their money in cash, even when its value is maximised.

Maximising the value of cash does not negate the need to invest for better value, but it does better protect the advice and it does enable the client to make more informed decisions.