Cash is at the Heart of all Trust management

Managing Trusts Effectively

Solicitors have, for a long time, helped their clients to look after their cash. But they have never been able to maximise the value their clients receive. Often this has resulted in money being invested without just cause.

Our system enables solicitors to:

  • Identify the best value they can achieve from Trust cash
  • Demonstrate the suitability of investing by showing the maximum value of cash cannot meet the requirements of the Trust
  • Keep track and relevant records of all assets held in each Trust
  • Produce annual reports to demonstrate the suitable and professional management of all Trust assets

"All records held in one easy and accessible place"

To find out more, get in touch and we'll show you how easy it is to add additional value to your client base.

"All Solicitor Trustees should
demonstrate the value of Trustee Cash Assets
to all Trust Beneficiaries"