Managing Trusts Effectively

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"Solicitors need to avoid RISK when managing assets held in Trust"

There is a basic assumption that any cash should automically be invested if it is not required for 5 years or more.

This 'assumption' has caused many issues for many Trustees, over the years, as there is no guaranteed that 'risk-based' investments will always produce the return the Trustee is hoping to get.

This 'risk' can be MITIGATED, 100%, by removing this assumption by making a professionally informed decision that takes into consideration, at every annual review, the best value that can be oobtained from cash.

Our system provides the necessary analysis and enables solicitors to:

  • Identify the best value they can achieve from Trust cash
  • Demonstrate the suitability of investing by showing the maximum value of cash cannot meet the requirements of the Trust
  • Keep track and relevant records of all assets held in each Trust
  • Produce annual reports to demonstrate the suitable and professional management of all Trust assets

"All records held in one easy and accessible place"

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