How the Platform Works

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The Platform enables financial advisers to very quickly ascertain the best value a client can receive from their cash deposits (by client we mean; an individual, a business, a Trustee, a charity, a power of attorney or a court deputy).

  • Identify the value of client's cash and produce a generic report within 30 seconds
  • Build a bespoke portfolio of cash deposits, and produce a client specific report, within minutes
  • Ensure all deposits obtain the maximum level of FSCS protection
  • Issue application forms to clients within seconds of producing a bespoke portfolio
  • Communicate securely with clients regarding their savings
  • Produce diary management notifications on maturing savings accounts
  • Produce financial strength reports on banks and building societies
  • 'White-label' our savings calculators and present them on their own websites
  • Distribute branded savings accounts reports to their clients and professional connections
  • Remove the threat of interference from banks and building societies on advice they have provided.

In short, the platform enables financial advisers to take FULL CONTROL of their clients' finances.

"The savings accounts offered by 'UK based banks and buildings societies' are reviewed every 30 minutes to continually identify the best savings accounts to be used within the system"

The 4 basic principles for managing cash are:

  • Only retain the amount of money required to cover requirements for the next 12 months on Instant Access
  • Build a portfolio of Fixed Term Deposits with the balance remaining after the initial 12 month requirements have been provided
  • Select the accounts that pay the highest rates of interest
  • Protect all money with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

"The platform automatically builds the most effective portfolio of savings accounts to meet your client's requirements"

When the client's requirements for cash are understood, simply enter the amounts held on deposit into the system and it automatically builds the best portfolio of savings accounts that suit your client's needs.

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