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"Cash is the most fundamental of all financial assets."

All professional financial advisers should demonstrate, to their clients, the value they could achieve from their cash. The lack of understanding of the value of cash undermines the advice process and puts both the client, and the financial adviser, at more risk.

The FCA has made it clear that they expect the client to be 'fully' informed of all the options avaiable to them. Maximisng the value of cash to create long term wealth is a core a fundamental option. The financial adviser cannot hide behind the fact they don't want to do it, or they cannot make any moeny out of it. To do so, is to succumb to a 'conflict of interest'.

A 'conflict of interest' is where the interests of the financial adviser are not aligned to the interests of the client.

However, strangely, when a client understands the value of their cash properly, they tend to commit more to a regualted solution, be it; investing more or using more of their money for other financial planning solutions.

Having a cash management proposition within a financial planning business provides significant value in many ways:

  • It generates more regulated business
  • It generates more referrals
  • It enhances relationships with Accountants and Solicxitors
  • It provides additional and enhanced regulatory protection