Why Manage Cash

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"Cash is the most fundamental financial asset"

Cash is at risk when it is NOT managed:

  • Inflation erodes its value
  • It may not be protected by the FSCS

Managing cash provides guaranteed value and guaranteed protection. Clients, in reality, should only deal with Financial Advisers that help them to manage their cash.

"What is the point of investing capital to maximise its value when value and security is being lost on the money remaining in cash?"

The justification for any form of financial planning is much clearer when a client understands the maximum value they can achieve on their cash, and what they need to do to make sure it is fully protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

This is why:

  • No advice process is complete without the client fully understanding the maximum value they can achieve from their cash
  • A client's financial planning solution is incomplete when the value of cash is not maximised or protected
  • The risk profile of any piece of financial advice is greater when a client's understanding of cash is not clear
  • Clients should only deal with Financial Advisers that help them to maximise the value of their cash
  • Accountants and solicitors should only deal with financial advisers that include the analysis of cash within the financial planning process

"The ONLY reason for someone to take risk-based solution is when their objectives cannot be met by safer options"

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