Regulatory Value

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"The basic principles of regulation require all clients to be fully informed of all options that are available to resolve their financial palnning requirements."

When these principles are not met, the regulator creates legislation to force practitioners to behave appropriately.

"The regulator only creates legislation when practitioners do not behave with integrity"

Cash has avoided the gaze of the Regulator because no analysis of the best way to manage cash has previously been considered. However, there are a number of issues that mean; cash should be a significant part of every advice process:

  • The industry has always believed it is not possible to beat inflation with cash deposits - which is fundamentally untrue!
  • The Personal Savings Allowance (PSA) is a 'tax-benefit', which should be explained and the value of which should be shown to the client. This is important because the difference in the amount required to obtain the benefits of the PSA is a 'material' amount when comparing managed cash with non-managed cash.
  • The returns available from cash are 'guaranteed'.

The quality of the advice is 'compromised' when these factors are not ecplained within the advice process.

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