Conflict of Interest Policy

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< "A Cash Management proposition clearly enhances the Conflict of Interest Policy as it demonstrates clear disclosure of best value from Cash, prior to money being moved elsewhere.">

The financial adviser's greatest Conflict of Interest, is the way they are 'remunerated'.

When remuneration relys upon the sale of a product, or when certain products pay better than others, the financial adviser's position is compromised, or putting it another way, there is a 'conflict of interest'.

The Financial Planning Policy, and other policies within every business, are designed to make the financial adviser demonstrate they have not been overly influenced by the Conflicts of Interest that occur.

Therefore, if investment money originates from cash, what better way to demonstrate there is no conflict of interest than by showing the client the 'maximum value' they can achieve from their cash?

This is an obvious benefit as it is a requirement with a lot of other products. The value of the ceding asset should always be expressed to the client - in writing. Our system enables, exactly that, to happen.

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