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"More referrals, more regulated business, better relationships with accountants and solicitors and greater regulatory protection"

Cash is important to everybody, and every business.

Maximising its value and protecting it should be the first thing everybody does; but the problem is, most people don't know how to do it.

Where can these people, and businesses, turn to get the advice and support they need? And, people, and businesses, with cash also need to properly investigate all of their other financial planning requirements.

This makes the management of cash the 'ideal' way to intoriduced to new clients and new opportunities.

Poeple, and businesses, with cash management issues, may not realise they have issues with taxation, pensions, investment returns, estate planning etc.. Trying to attract these clients with taxation, pensions, investments and estate planning is therefore not a productive way to meet them.

Cash is at risk when it is not managed. Those financial advisers who use this to their advantage, by having their own cash management proposition, are gaining advantage over those that don't!

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