Centralised Investment Proposition

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"A Cash Management proposition clearly enhances the Centralised Investment Proposition as a portfolio of investments, underpinned by a Cash Management Proposition is clearly better than one that isn't.">

A Centralised Investment Proposition, or CIP, should outline the type of investment advice, and the products involved, for different categories of client.

A cautious risk-based client with little investment experience should receive different advice and recommendations from an adventurous risk-based experienced investor.

The CIP should outline the processes and procedures to be followed in identifying the most suitable products availalbe for each client.

< "A CIP that has an Effective Cash Management proposition underpinning it is better than one that doesn't">

However, no matter what the client profile:

  • Every client will have cash on deposit.
  • Every client deserves to understand the true value of that cash.
  • Every client should be helped to maximse the value of their cash.


  • Every client should be shown how to protect their deposit money with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

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