Attitude to Wealth

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"A Cash Management proposition clearly enhances the client's Attitude to Wealth because understanding the value of cash frees the client's ability to invest more freely for enhancing wealth management solutions.">

What is your client's Attitude to Wealth? Would they want to risk everything to potentially achieve a greater return on their money? And, how do they really know, if they do not know the true value they can get from their cash.

"Investing cash to achieve a greater return is part of what is required for Maximising the the Value of Cash. But whatever your client decides, maximising the value of any cash left on deposit, after the investment has been concluded, is also part of Maximsing the value of cash"

A client's Attitude to Wealth is very closely liked to their Attitude to Risk and their Capacity for Loss.

However, you willl also find that when a client fully undederstands their requirement for cash, their Attitude to Risk and Capacity for Loss may well change, making it easier to recommend a risk based investment solution.

And also, making the quality of advice more secure and more relevant because the client understands the real value of their cash.

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