Attitude to Risk

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"A Cash Management proposition clearly enhances any Attitude to Risk policy as a client's attitude to risk will clearly change if they understand the value of their cash better.">

Ascertaining a client's Attitude to Risk is a fundamental an integral part in determing the best financial planning solutions for them.

"A client's Attitude to Risk is not a justifiable way to discount less risky solutions"

The only way to discount the guaranteed security and returns available from Cash is to make sure the REAL VALUE is understood and has been demonstrated to not enable the client to meet their financial objectives with this asset.

If a client can meet their financial objectives without having to take any risk, it is this solution that must be recommended. Otherwise, the advice is unsuitable.

Only when the management of Cash, to maximise its value, has been discounted, does the clients Attitude to Risk become relevant.

Afterall, if you were crossing over a busy road, you wouldn't ignore the bridge just because you have a high attitude to risk - do you?

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