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How to Access our Effective Cash Management System

A simple and intuitive Dashboard makes it easy to:

  • Create customer records
  • Manage accounts
  • Illustrate difference
  • Establish levels of FSCS protection.
  • Simplify portfolios and Create pre- and post-sale reports.

Product tables are simple and straightforward to identify the best:

  • Personal Deposits
  • Cash ISAs
  • Junior Cash ISAs
  • Business and Charity Accounts
  • Power of Attorney Accounts
  • Trustee Accounts and
  • SIPP Accounts
  • Court of Protection Deposits

All members within a Firm can be managed providing:

  • Access levels
  • Relevant customer records
  • Maturing account notifications

Any charges applied to a customer for use of the system or for any assistance provided in establishing any accounts are:

  • Paid via the online payment system provided by the system
  • Recorded by the system to illustrate payments made, missed or outstanding

Our product tables provide information on all accounts offering the best rates of interest from product providers that:

  • Are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • Have a strong trading presence within the UK

We do not provide information on any accounts offered by overseas national banks, whether or not they are protected by the FSCS.

Our tables cover:

  • Personal Deposits
  • Cash ISAs and Junior Cash ISAs
  • Business and Charity Accounts
  • Trustee Accounts
  • Power of Attorney Accounts
  • SIPP Accounts
  • Court of Protection Deposits

The tables can rank every account from top to bottom for any account category selected to make it easy to identify the most suitable account for your clients.

Each of our calculators makes it easy to compare the interest rate returns your customers are currently receiving against those that could be earned with the best performing portfolio.

Our calculators provide quick analysis on every account category:

  • Personal Deposits
  • Cash ISAs and Junior Cash ISAs
  • Business and Charity Accounts
  • Trustee Accounts
  • Power of Attorney Accounts
  • SIPP Accounts
  • Court of Protection Deposits

Creating the best portfolio for your customers is easy using our tables, our research and our calculators.

Once your customer understands the difference they can achieve, it is easy to identify those accounts that best suit their requirements.

At the push of a button the interest rate return and the level of FSC protection is identified for your customer to decide their best course of action.

At the push of another button, a pre-sale report is automatically produced which explains the advantages of pro-actively managing a portfolio of deposits.

All accounts are held solely in the customer’s name.

All accounts are applied for directly in the name of the customer.

No-one, other than your customer, has access to any account after it has been opened.

Creating a portfolio is the easy part. Managing a portfolio as accounts mature requires accurate information and precise time-keeping.

As accounts mature, automatic emails are provided to stimulate action. The system will then automatically provide accounts that may be the most suitable to for the customer’s requirements. However, since information is easily available on all accounts, it is very easy to check suitability if any doubt exists.

Once established, all customer and account information is stored for future use, can be edited as and when required, and is available to both the adviser and the customer. Our secure online customer records and management system provides access to all details for every customer where required.

Once your customer solution and the appropriate fee have been determined, Portfolio Manager provides a simple on-line payment system. As with any online payment process, your customer can enter their details and all fees will automatically be collected.

Portfolio Manager provides all of the necessary tools to enable your customers to pay single up-front payments or monthly ongoing payments, so that you don’t have to.

The system will provide records of all payments to both the customer and the financial adviser.

This means that all customers can be treated independently and in accordance with the value presented, enabling the financial adviser to meet their obligations for treating customers fairly.

Deposit Sense Ltd is registered in England and Wales.

Registration number 7866175. Copyright © 2018

Registered office: Radway Green Business Centre,
Radway Green, Crewe, CW2 5PR.

Telephone: 01270 878702.