Financial Advisers should help
all their clients maximise the value of their cash

Who to Help

Anyone and everyone that has cash on deposit! The value of which should be maximised at all times.

Individuals that have cash on deposit for their emergency funds, their holidays etc.

"People spend hours trying to save £30.00 on their car insurance each year when they could spend this time making £300.00 (per £10,000) on their savings"

Businesses that hold cash in reserve or have no immediate requirement to spend or invest.

Charities that work really hard to generate funds and then allow the funds to lie fallow in dormant deposit accounts.

Power of Attorneys that have the responsibility of managing the finances of a loved one that has cash on deposit.

Clients that have cash on deposit in their pension.

Trusts that have cash on deposit, being held for beneficiaries.

All clients should make sure their
cash deposits are 100% protected (where possible)
by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme