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Financial Advisers

All financial planning should start and end with the provision of cash.

It is better advice if the client is shown how to maximise the value of their cash within the financial planning process.

This is why an adviser that helps their clients to maximise the value of their cash is considered to be:


Cash is the most important asset class and is the lifeblood of all personal and commercial activity.

There are significant advantages to helping clients maximise the value of their cash holdings.

  1. Impress your clients by showing them how much they could be earning from their cash deposits.

    People think they understand how to manage their cash, which usually involves over-loyalty to a particular bank or building society.

    Showing them how to increase their returns by 10 or 15 times more will impress them and demonstrate that you have significant knowledge about maximising their wealth.
  2. Clients will actually FULLY DISCLOSE all of their assets if they are shown how to maximise the value of those assets.

    Often, a financial adviser has to persuade a client to fully disclose their overall assets to identify how much should be invested or held in pensions etc.

    In maximising the value of their cash they will fully disclose all of the assets before the financial planning process has even begun.
  3. Work with professional connections to help them enhance their service.
  4. Manage your regulatory responsibilities more!

    How can anyone understand the value of investing if they don’t understand the value of their cash?

    Consider the impact of demonstrating the value of cash on the following regulatory policies:
    • Remuneration Policy
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Treating Customers Fairly Policy
    • Centralised Investment Proposition
  5. Generate NEW and ADDITIONAL regulated business.

    Demonstrating the maximum value of cash also properly illustrates the limitations of cash. This helps the client to realise they need to open conversations to areas where they need to consider other ways to achieve their financial objectives.

    Attract customers who ‘believe’ they cannot benefit from regulated products and prefer, instead, to keep their money in cash.

    These people need to be educated on the value and benefits of regulated financial planning products.

    Do you attract these people by talking about investments and pensions? Or do you attract by offering to show them how to maximise the value of their cash?

    After showing them how to maximise the value of their cash, it is possible to educate them on the benefits of longer term financial planning solutions.
  6. The new Personal Savings Allowance

    This is a tax benefit.

    If financial advisers do not cover off the value of this tax benefit in their advice process, they will have an incomplete file that will be considered either unsuitable of unclear under a regulatory review.

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