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Working with the Elite!

The Elite Financial Adviser ensures their clients maximise the entire value of their:

  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Protection
  • Mortgages
  • Estate Planning etc.


  • The value of their CASH DEPOSITS.

All financial planning STARTS and ENDS with the provision of cash!

Without cash, a client cannot plan for any other event or requirement!

  • Cash underpins everything a financial adviser does. It is required at both the start and the end of the process. Before undertaking any financial advice a client should fully understand the value of their cash
  • Excluding an understanding of the value of cash limits and restricts the influence of the advice and the value of the advice.

Maximising the Value of Cash

  1. Only keep the amount of money required for the next 12 months on instant access
  2. Any amount remaining after the initial 12 month’s requirement has been met should be used to build a portfolio of fixed rate accounts:
    • 1 Year Fixed Rate
    • 2 Year Fixed Rate
    • 3 Year Fixed Rate
    • 4 Year Fixed Rate
    • 5 Year Fixed Rate.
  3. Get the best rates of interest available in each account sector
  4. Protect your capital with the Financial Services Compensations Scheme

Deposit Sense Ltd is registered in England and Wales.

Registration number 7866175. Copyright © 2018

Registered office: Radway Green Business Centre,
Radway Green, Crewe, CW2 5PR.

Telephone: 01270 878702.